Do You Have An Online Business? Learn How To Expand Your Business Using Mobile…

It’s predicted that by 2016, more users will access the Web using Mobile phones than their computers!

However, it is still estimated that over 84% of Online Businesses, especially eCommerce stores are NOT Mobile friendly. This means that more than ½ of your visitors will not be able to process any sales with your business.


Look at the LEADING companies on the Internet:

All Fortune 50 Online Businesses are now 100% Mobile ready. There must be a reason for this!

It used to be that it was too expensive for smaller online businesses to go Mobile. However, with the advances in technology today, Mobile is 100% possible for any business – just use the MobileBusinessAutomation Tool!

Join Our Automation Association – We Will
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As we raise money for our new business and association we are offering you exclusive access no one else will ever receive. As long as you simply invest in our first Mobile software, you will have a exclusive Free access to all of our future software products.

Products Expected To Release In Coming Months:

  • MMA - Mobile Marketing Automation – Currently Released!
  • YTG - YouTube Lead Generation – In Testing, Coming January, 2014
  • ERS – Email Relationship Software- Coming February, 2014

Each of these software products/programs are expected to be sold for $49 to $97 each. However, if you buy our FIRST software product, you will receive Exclusive access to all software and products we release through December, 2014.

We are currently raising capital to fund the development of new software.

By June, 2014 we also plan to begin releasing Online Entrepreneur coursework – all of which will be free to our Mobile Charter Members!

Our Mobile Automation Software #1
Is Simply a Small Investment…

The following are the FOUR branches of our Mobile Business Automation Association.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We strive to build the most premium online community of Online Entrepreneurs interested in automating their businesses using Premium Software.

Being Online Entrepreneurs ourselves we understand how expensive it can be to fund the development of software. Our goal here is to be able to “pool” together the funds of many Entrepreneurs, consequently allowing all to share in the success!

All of our Charter customers (who invest in our First Automation software) will receive exclusive access to future software as well (through December, 2014)

Our Development Standards

When it comes to development, we take our standards and guidelines very seriously. Our software is guaranteed to work across all platforms and all systems.
Per section 41-9 in our Handbook, here are our/is Development criteria:

All Software Must Be Web-Based

Full Compliance with Latest Versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox

The Association Panel Must Vote Majority For Software Coding

The Lead Programmer Must Have a Minimum of 5 Years Experience

All Coding Must Be Completed in PHP (with MySQL Databases)

A Minimum of 60 Days of Architecture & Documentation Is Required Before Development Begins

All Software Will be Audited By a 3rd Party Before being Released

Following these standards assures us the perfect product and software for your business.

Mobile Business Automation
Software Club

Our goal is to release ONE software a month that can be used by Online Businesses. We will target the following sectors:


Our very First automated software by the Mobile Business Automation Association!

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You can get this all, for a simple 1-time price of just $49!

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100% protected.

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Our Refund Policy is 100% Iron Clad.

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